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Household products disturb your septic system

Did you know if a home care product says “HARMFUL OR FATAL IF SWALLOWED” it can disturb your septic system.  These products harm bacteria and bacteria must be present in your septic tank.

What does bacteria do?

septic cleaningBacteria works to break down organic solids.  Our normal waste offers enough bacteria to the system to keep things running smoothly.  The amount of bacteria can be altered by environmental changes. Our normal products when entered into the system can throw off the bacterial balance.

The following items can cause problems:

Drain cleaners

Toilet drain cleaners


Sink & Bathroom cleaners

Cleaning disinfectants



Bacteria breaks down organic material but it does not lessen sludge.  Sludge is inorganic and is not biodegradeable.  This material will not decompose.  You will need to have your septic tank cleaned periodically to reduce sludge.  Call Carl B. Seeds to rid your tank of sludge.  Carl B. Seeds offering Septic Services near you.