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Sewer and Drain Cleaning Scams


sewer and drain cleaning scamsA clog in your drain line or sewer may be a major plumbing issue that you will want to sort out immediately however, the abundance of unethical business owners in the sewer and drain cleaning business has resulted into all-time low in the plumbing business. Plumbing scams are more common than most people would imagine; and apart from simply resulting in an un-fixed problem or extra cost, they can essentially make the problem worse. Consequently, it is important to carefully consider which sewer and drain cleaning company you will choose to work with to avoid being scammed.

Being aware of the main sewer and drain cleaning company scams will help you avoid being the next victim. Thus, listed below are a few among the preventive guides to always consider when dealing with any sewer and drain cleaning company.

Be attentive to their questions

Several sewer and drain cleaning company train their workers about how to spot a vulnerable candidate. They seek out for clients they see as susceptible such as the widowed and the elderly. They are trained to ask inappropriate or strange questions such as: May I speak with your spouse? Are you alone in the home? Etc. After getting the needed answers, they descend on their prey. However, whenever you notice this, see it as a warning signal.

Scrutinize every sewer and drain cleaning companies

Do not always work with the first sewer and drain cleaning company you come across. Remember to check the background of your sewer cleaner with appropriate business bureau and also, search online for reviews. If the company is either not licensed or perhaps has only negative reviews, you might need to send them away and consider other companies.

Unsolicited Contact

This is almost certainly a sign of a scam. Many of these scammers even put on uniforms, carry handbooks, and drive along in what appears like a service truck. Occasionally, they accept the money and disappear without doing any work, while in other cases, they often raid the house.

Make contacts

Talk to family, friends, colleagues, as well as others in the area. Get recommendations from people around you to know if the drain cleaning company that you are considering working with has previously done quality work for others.

As there are unscrupulous drain and sewer cleaning companies out there, so also are reputable companies that will look out for your best interests. Among these reliable and effective companies is Carl B. Seeds. You can count on the experts from Carl B. Seeds for your drain and sewer cleaning needs, so you don’t fall prey to sewer and drain cleaning company scams.

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