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How to stop a plumbing catastrophie

3 common items can wreak havoc on your drains.

clogged drainsAmong the duties which come along with being a Maryland homeowner is taking care of  plumbing associated problems. The speed with which these issues are dealt, as well as the strategy used to look after them, plays a part in the outcome of a bad situation. While plumbing problems mightn’t present the same degree of threat to your safety, like electric work does, it may still cause lots of damage to your home. That’s why you should call a professional drain cleaning company both for maintenance and emergencies. Left ignored, you might come home from a holiday to a home that’s flooded, for whatever reason.

This not only implies your property can be ruined but can also cause structural issue with your home.  One of the top services plumbers are called for are clogged drains.


One of the causes of this costly issue is simple Hair.   Hair clogs sink and shower drains quickly and then causes other debris to make matters worse.  But what can you do to prevent this?  One easy remedy is  to remove hair from the crest of the drain when you finish your shower, stopping the possibility of getting washed down.

Another common cause of drain clogs is grease. Grease and  fat go into your drain like a fluid and quickly firm up  in the drains and sewers causing a major blockage. Even letting a bit of grease slip by may cause major problems.  One idea to stop this from happening is to place liquid grease in a jar, let it cool and then place in a trash container.

Another contributing factor to clogs is one most people don’t think about, roots.   Although you might like having a lot of trees in your  yard, as they grow, the root systems of those trees may cause damage. They can break drains or cause blockages which aren’t an easy fix.

For the best results when plumbing problems arise call a professional as quick as possible.