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The Benefits of an Aerator Septic Tank

Prolong the life of your septic system

septic tankMany people who live in a rural area, that isn’t serviced by the same drainage system as neighboring urban areas, have become familiar with the concept of septic systems.

When you own a septic system you know how important it is to ensure that the system is running smoothly. Anytime something goes amiss, big problems can ensue. One method of making certain that your system is operating properly is to use an aerator septic tank.

An aerator septic tank has a distinct advantage over a traditional tank that is normally used in septic systems. When you have an aerator septic tank there is a higher concentration of oxygen within the system. This is important as it has been proven that an increase in oxygen works to increase the growth of a certain type of bacteria, called aerobic bacteria.

Although you can purchase a septic tank that is already equipped with an aerator feature, you can purchase an add-on for older systems. The type of aerator septic tank you want will dictate the equipment youíll need to purchase. If you currently have a single system tank you simply place the aerator in it. If your system consists of a multi-tank operation youíll need to place the aerator in a specific area.

Having an aerator septic tank can prolong the life of the entire system. Most of these types of operation are equipped with an alarm which notifies you of any impending problems so they can be dealt with before any amount of substantial damage is done.

Regardless of what type of septic system you have, itís vitally important to be aware of any problems that may develop. Keeping the system running smoothly will help keep your family and property healthy. An aerator tank is one step in the healthy direction and something you should certainly consider investing in.

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